Data Maker

I observe, measure, and capture real time machine and sensor data. For example, I capture user interface activity and procedural workflows at application and task levels. I also design and validate key performance indicators and business process metrics.

Data Wrangler

I normalize, structure, sanitize and integrate raw, unstructured, dirty and disparate data sources. This means that I map reduce big data and splunk> real time streaming data. I reverse engineer SQL queries, joins, and database procedures from final data analyses.

Visual Analyst

I efficently engage in integrative, structural, analytical reasoning using visual interactive interfaces. This means that I tailor, build, and deploy interactive analytical narratives, reports, and dashboards for targeted audiences. I always maintain and present analytical provenance.

Data Scientist

Design and produce experimental data gardens.

App Developer

Prototype iOs and android apps.

Cognitive Linguist

Analyze and model human language comprehension.

Core Skills

Aaron has practiced the craft of all-source data analysis for over ten years, developing core R&D skills in the advanced technology labs at SFU SIAT and further refining project management skills in applied business analytics context at MITACS.

As an operations, policy, and business intelligence analyst, each new project demands a unique combination of essential core skills.

Aaron combines human and computational intelligence in predictive analytics for targeting untapped areas with high potential value.

He is known for his creation of organic, observational datasets through the design, maintainance, and harvesting of experimental data gardens.

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Data Production

Aaron has 8 years of experience in the primary production of raw large-scale data by sensors and logs.

18 years experience in the primary production of raw human-scale user data by hand-harvesting, using the traditonal observational methods of survey and experimental design, and developing novel computational methods of personalized user data collection and curation.

Data Wrangling

12 years of experience understanding the malformed nature of the outlying beast, taming unruly data and rehabilitating bad data sources to feed foward into analytic and visualization workflows.

Data Integration

8 years of experience combining data pools for deeper analysis, practicing secondary production of big data through hand-tailored computational integration of raw operations, sensor, and system log data.

16 years of experience in the secondary production of traditional human-scale knowledge by transdisciplinary collection, management, refinement and processing of published research articles and data.

Analytical Data Enrichment

12 years of experience in the secondary production of multi-scale data, creating smart, calculated datasets, through targeted data enrichment to filter, refine, and extend the available range of derived data points.

10 years experience in the secondary production of human-scale data by discipline-specific statistical analysis.

Visual Data Exploration

10 years experience in the visual exploration of multi-scale data, to chart a course through vast untouched data landscapes, data prospecting to identify rich untapped data resourses, and establishing data mining operations for the systematic extraction of high-value deposits of high-yield insights.

Unstructured Textual Analysis



Below you will find a selection and brief description of some of my recent projects. Some projects have been undertaken as an individual researcher, and others were commisisoned as a consultancy.


Real Time Data Capture & Analysis


Raw Data Logging Tool Usage


Raw Data from Redundant Sensors


Aggregating data into Time Series


Floating Average Tool Usage by Class


Three Different Patterns of Transition


Transitions by Activity Spaces by Tool Class

Hermeneutic Arc

Design, Illustration


Events logged


Activity Classes


Apps Classified


Usage Patterns Identified

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